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City Truck Driver PRO 2016


Attention to all cargo truck drivers! We are looking for some experienced cargo truck drivers for our heavy cargo missions. Can you drive all kind of different big rig cargo trucks and different heavy cargo in lots of adrenaline filled and petrol filled trucker maps? Show us you American truck driver skills and make sure all the heavy cargo is transported carefully and on time.Make that V8 engine work for it while climbing some mountains hills or make sure you watch the city traffic while precision driving the big rick truck in city traffic. All maps have their own fun missions. Sit back, relax and get ready for many hours of heavy cargo transport while driving some amazing american trucks.
This cargo simulation game is ideal for city parking games, car transporter games and city parking game lovers! After finishing all realistic game levels you are an experienced big rig trucker who can handle expensive cargo on an open trailer while driving through the little big city.
City Truck Driver PRO 2016
detailed and complex cargo truck delivery graphicsamazing tracks to beatunlock and collect all the detailed and stunning truck vehiclesultra-detailed trucks to unlock and driveground breaking truck dynamicsdetailed part cargo truck simulationideal for city parking games, car transporter games and city parking game loverstougher, better, faster and stronger than other construction games!!
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